Traditional Martial Arts For Modern Self-Defense

About Us

Musubi Dojo teaches Goshinkan Chokusin Aiki jujutsu, a modern Martial art with strong Japanese roots.

Shihan Glen Pitcher, Sensei Chris Luttrell, and Sempai Justice Jolin teach a complete martial arts system including all ranges of striking, grappling - standing and on the ground, chokes, joint locks, pressure point control tactics, and traditional weapons training. The art is focused on self-defense using traditional principles and more modern pressure testing (sparring) to develop a well-rounded student who is able to defend themself in almost any situation.

The dojo is currently located in Oshawa (in the basement of St, Matthew’s Anglican Church, 135 Wilson Rd. South) and has taught students in different locations from Clarington to Ajax over the last 20+ years.

Goshinkan Chokushin Aiki Jujutsu is a Gendai (modern eclectic) system based on traditional Japanese martial arts whose techniques are implemented in a modern self-defense training program. Martial arts that are influenced by jujutsu are aikido, karate, judo and grappling.

Students of all experience levels are welcome, including beginners. Feel free to come out and watch a class and if you`re interested at that point you`ll be welcome to participate in a class free! For more information, or to arrange instruction, please contact a club Sensei, listed above. Musubi Dojo is registered with the World Kobudo Federation.